Academic Policies and Guidelines for Changes in Campus Operating Status


The academic information on this page is a resource for faculty/instructors during changes in campus operating status. Please contact Executive Director Edwin Arevalo ( with questions or suggestions for information to add.

For updates on campus operating status, visit UC Davis News and UC Davis Operating Status.

For information on wildfire-related events that might impact campus, visit UC Davis Wildfire Season Weather Impacts.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Academic Policies

Spring Quarter 2020


Please review the campus directives for spring quarterthey include information on undergraduate and graduate instruction. Please also note that, until further notice, campus operations remain suspended per Chancellor May's March 18 message, which means that all in-person instruction should cease, and all instruction that can be delivered remotely should continue.

Guidance on Undergraduate Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) Grading

P/NP deadline extension

The deadline for undergraduate students to opt for P/NP grading in a course, or to revert back to letter grading, has been extended to the last day of instruction for spring 2020 (June 4, 2020).

Maximum P/NP unit exception

Current Academic Senate policy (DDR A545.B) states that no more than one-third of the units for graduation taken at UC Davis by an undergraduate student may be taken on a P/NP basis. 

  • Amendment to policy: The Academic Senate is exempting spring quarter 2020 units from this one-third calculation; spring units will not be calculated in the numerator (P/NP units taken) or the denominator (total units taken) of the one-third maximum.
    • The College of Letters and Science and the College of Engineering, which have stricter than one-third P/NP maximums, will likewise exempt spring 2020 units when calculating their college-specific P/NP unit caps.
  • These amendments do not override additional college or major limitations on the use of P/NP courses for degree requirements. For example, some colleges require that all courses for majors be taken for a letter grade. Colleges are currently discussing if and how to adjust those letter-graded major requirements for spring 2020 and will communicate any such decisions to students. 
Factors for students to consider

P/NP usage can be complex. Students should consider potential consequences related to satisfactory academic progress, time to degree, financial aid, and postgraduate study requirements. Students with questions should consult their advisors about P/NP usage. This online FAQ also provides further information.

Class Cancellation FAQs for Instructors

To avoid confusion, the previous FAQs posted here have been temporarily archived while updates are made. Additional information will be posted here if needed. Please refer to COVID-19 academic policies above for guidance on the current campus situation.