Resources for Instructional Accommodations

This page contains resources to help instructors facilitate instructional accommodations that do not fall within the Student Disability Center (SDC) process. These do not replace or supersede formal accommodations facilitated by the SDC. Please visit the SDC website for information about its accommodation process.

Non-SDC Instructional Accommodations

Non-SDC accommodation requests from an individual student could include:

  • To be excused from a mandatory class session
  • To have an extension on an assignment
  • To receive an incomplete

Instructors have authority to discuss and accommodate such requests for their students. All decisions should be administered fairly and equitably, as required by APM - 010. 

Applicable policies and regulations include:

  • APM - 010, Appendix B
  • The faculty has authority for all aspects of the course, including content, structure, relevance of alternative points of view, and evaluations. All decisions affecting a student’s academic standing, including assignment of grades, should be based upon academic considerations administered fairly and equitably under policies established by the Academic Senate.

    Source: APM010 - Appendix B
  • DDR A540(C)
  • The grade Incomplete shall be assigned only when the student’s completed work (judged by itself and not in relation to the work required to pass the course as a whole) is of passing quality and represents a significant portion of the requirements for a final grade, but is incomplete for good cause as determined by the instructor. "Good cause" may include illness, serious personal problems, an accident, a death in the immediate family, a large and necessary increase in working hours, or other situations deemed to be of equal gravity.

    Source: DDR A540(C)

Resources to Guide Students

Grading Options

The following information can be provided to students who are unable to continue in one or more of their courses or who wish to change a grading mode.

  • Incompletes
  • Late Drop: All colleges require documentation, which generally is a note from a medical professional.
    • General information
    • Students in the Colleges of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Letters and Science, and Engineering must initiate this process by meeting with an advisor in their dean's office.
    • Students in the College of Biological Sciences must initiate this process by submitting a Late Drop Petition in OASIS.
  • Late Passed/Not Passed grading: Undergraduate students must initiate this process by meeting with an advisor in their college dean's office. The normal deadline for electing Passed/Not Passed grading is the 40th day of instruction.
  • Late Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading: Graduate students must submit a Grading Option Change petition to the Office of Graduate Studies to request a change to the grading mode of a course.
  • Cancellation/Withdrawal: This removes a student from all enrolled courses.
Health Resources


Contact Theresa Costa, analyst for the Committee on Courses of Instruction, at or (530) 752-3917.

Please note that some flexibilities instituted during COVID-19 temporarily changed standard grading option procedures (e.g., extended P/NP and S/U deadlines). Visit COVID-19 Academic Policies for more information.