Elections, Rules and Jurisdiction




  • Procedures for Amending College and School Bylaws and Regulations
    This outlines the process for sending proposed revisions of college and school bylaws and regulations to CERJ for review. Please send revisions or questions to CERJ Analyst Mary Vasquez.
  • Procedures for Amending Divisional Legislation
    This outlines the process for drafting, reviewing, and passing amendments to Davis Division Bylaws and Regulations.
  • Archive of CERJ Advice
    Most of the work of the Committee involves advising Senate officers, Senate committees, and individual members when questions or conflicts arise.  Such advice is not formally binding but suggests the likely outcome should a formal Legislative Ruling be requested. 
  • Legislative Rulings
    CERJ also issues formal Legislative Rulings to resolve disputes or clear up ambiguities regarding Senate authority, procedures, or jurisdiction.  Legislative Rulings are binding unless modified by subsequent legislative or Regental action.

Committee Information