ListServ Usage and Subscription Information


The purpose of this listserv is to deliver information, generally of an academic nature, that directly impacts Academic Senate faculty as a whole, including (but not limited to):

  • Information on workshops, campus meetings, career and fellowship opportunities, and research funding

List Characteristics

This list is moderated. The Executive and Associate Directors of the Academic Senate staff serve as moderators. Moderators can choose to accept messages that are relevant and interesting to the list community or reject messages that they feel are inappropriate or do not meet the distribution criteria.

When you send a message to, the Executive or Associate Director of the Academic Senate, as moderators, reviews it and then 1) approves it for distribution whereupon it is automatically distributed to all Academic Senate members or 2) rejects it for list distribution with an explanation as to why it is being rejected to the sender.   

Please only send messages from an individual who is able to respond to questions regarding the message’s content and intent.  
In this manner,
message recipients need only reply to a message to contact the message originator with questions and/or comments. 

Please do not send your message to Academic Senate Office staff to forward on your behalf to the list.   Moderators will return the message to you to assure our members have ready access to an individual able to respond directly to queries (please see box above).

We welcome discussion of all issues of interest to the Academic Senate community.  You can send messages to the list by addressing e-mail to All messages sent are received by every member of this list - with this in mind, please be respectful of people's busy mailboxes and only post information relevant to this list.

This is a closed list. Only members of the Academic Senate are subscribers.  While the list may contain only Academic Senate members, you may want to consider that (as with any e-mail message); messages may be forwarded to and read by other members of the campus community including administrators, staff and faculty.

To Subscribe/Unsubscribe

  • A subscriber is automatically added based on an individual’s Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) data and whether his/her record is marked affirmatively as an Academic Senate member.  Academic Senate Office staff cannot add nor delete subscribers.

Please note that not all e-mail programs can display HTML or Rich-Text formatted messages. For the widest distribution of information, plain text format is recommended.