Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors & Prizes

Spring Quarter 2017-2018

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123. Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors, and Prizes
A. This committee shall consist of twenty members, two undergraduate student representatives and two representatives appointed by the Davis Academic Federation. (Am. 6/5/2002, 6/5/2009)
B. It shall be the duty of this committee insofar as colleges and schools on the Davis Campus are concerned, to recommend to the President, through the Chief Campus Officer, the award of such undergraduate scholarships as are restricted to the Davis campus. The committee shall also establish minimum standards for Undergraduate Honors and Honors to be awarded at graduation, shall remind the colleges and schools at appropriate times during the academic year of the program of awards of Undergraduate Honors and Honors at Graduation, and subsequently shall ascertain the awards made by each college or school.
C. The committee shall supervise the award of such prizes, not otherwise provided for, as are restricted to students on the Davis campus. (Am. 1/20/70)