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F. Committee on Undergraduate Instruction and Program Review
1. This committee shall consist of thirteen voting members; the Committee on Committees shall appoint two members from each of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, College of Biological Sciences, and the College of Engineering, and three members from the College of Letters and Science, preferably one each from the Division of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, Division of Social Sciences, and Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. In addition, the chair of each college program review committee, or the chair of the college executive committee, will serve as a voting member, ex officio. Non-voting members include two undergraduate student representatives, one graduate student representative and one representative from the Academic Federation. (Am. 6/5/2009, 2/24/2011, 9/1/2014, 9/1/2017)
2. The duties of the committee include the following:
a. To study the effectiveness and efficiency of undergraduate instruction on the campus and to make recommendations for improvements thereto.
b. To stimulate efforts to foster, recognize and reward good teaching.
c. To recommend methods for evaluating the educational effectiveness of individual instructors, in the context of academic advancement, and of the major and special educational programs, in the context of program review.
d. In collaboration with the Faculties of the colleges offering undergraduate instruction, to assure timely initiation and completion of program reviews.
e. To evaluate undergraduate program reviews to ascertain that the established educational objectives for programs have been addressed in a meaningful way.
f. To work with the Office of the Provost to insure that undergraduate instructional programs and program reviews are considered in the planning and support of campus activities.