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Spring Quarter 2017-2018

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88. Public Service
A. This Committee shall consist of five Academic Senate members, two representatives appointed by the Davis Academic Federation, one undergraduate student representative, one graduate student representative, as non-voting ex officio members, the Vice Chancellor of Research, Vice Provost for University Outreach and International Programs, and the Dean of University Extension. (Am. 3/16/93; 11/2/92; 10/20/97; 6/8/98) (Am. 9/1/2012)
B. The duties of the committee shall be:
1. To review and advise on non-personnel matters relating to the involvement of faculty in public service activities, and to advise the Chief Campus Officer and the Academic Senate on such matters.
2. To advise the Chief Campus Officer either on its own initiative or at their request on:
a. Goals and objectives of campus public service programs and policies;
b. Effectiveness of these programs and policies;
c. Such other matters as may be referred to the committee by the President, the Chief Campus Officer, the Vice Chancellor of Research, or the Dean of University Extension. (Renum 7/29/2011) (Am. 12/15/1967)
3. To review new offerings and the approval process for courses carrying University Extension credit.
4. To establish policies and criteria for admission to University Extension courses, including concurrent courses.
5. To advise the Dean of University Extension and the departments, divisions, schools, colleges, Graduate Studies, the Davis Division, and when appropriate, Cooperative Extension on: (Am. 9/1/2012)
a. Criteria for approval of University Extension courses offered for University Extension credit; and
b. Criteria for appointment and retention of University Extension instructors; and (effec 3/16/1979)
c. Post-baccalaureate certificates offered solely through University Extension. (En. 9/1/2012)
6. To select up to four members of the faculty to receive a Distinguished Scholarly Public Service Award. The name of the recipients shall be presented to the Representative Assembly for confirmation at its regular meeting in the winter or spring term of each academic year. (Renum 7/29/2011)