Faculty Privilege and Academic Personnel Advisers

With five faculty members appointed to the panel of advisers, workload distribution is critical and must be managed effectively. Therefore, the analyst assigned by the Academic Senate Office to support the advisers will provide the initial point of contact from members of the Faculty. For assistance please contact:

Edwin M. Arevalo
Executive Director, Davis Division of the Academic Senate

  • The Senate analyst will distribute workload according to grouping of colleges/professional schools roughly based on discipline.
  • The Senate analyst will disclose the adviser's name and department to the faculty member to assure there is no professional or personal affiliation. If an affiliation is determined, the analyst will facilitate contact between the faculty member and the Chair of the Faculty Privilege and Academic Personnel Advisers or one of the other advisers as needed to eliminate any conflict or discomfort.

Spring Quarter 2017-2018

Upcoming Meetings

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Available Meeting Documents

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44. Faculty Privilege and Academic Personnel Advisers (Am. 10/21/2002)
A. This committee shall consist of a chair and three to six members. The committee shall include members both with experience in the privilege and tenure process and in the academic personnel process, and every member shall be experienced in at least one of the processes. Current members of the Committee on Academic Personnel, Faculty Personnel Committees, or the Committee on Privilege and Tenure are ineligible to serve on this committee. Appointments are for one year and may be renewed.
B. The responsibilities of the members of this committee are:
1. To advise members of the Faculty with respect to the personnel process and procedures for appeal of personnel actions.
2. To assess independently whether a personnel action raises substantive issues for appeal and to communicate that assessment to the appellant Senate member.
A. To advise members of the Faculty with respect to their rights and privileges, grievance procedures, and procedures for responding to charges alleging violations of the Faculty Code of Conduct. (Am. 12/15/1967)
C. The chair shall arrange for meetings of the committee and prepare materials as needed to orient the advisers, coordinate activities, and assure consistency of advice.