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Academic Freedom Resources

Fall Quarter 2017-2018

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46. Academic Freedom and Responsibility (Renum 5/24/2001)
A. This committee shall consist of five members, one undergraduate student representative, one graduate student representative, and one representative appointed by the Davis Academic Federation. (Am. 12/15/1967)
B. The committee shall study any conditions within or without the University which, in the judgment of the committee, may affect the academic freedom of the University or the academic freedom and responsibility of its individual members, and shall report thereon to the Representative Assembly. The committee shall study any reports of conflicts of interest on the part of individuals referred to it by department chairs or the individuals and, if an unresolved problem is found to exist, shall recommend appropriate resolutions to the Executive Council. (Am. 11/15/82)
C. The committee shall establish and maintain liaison with the committees on academic freedom of the other Divisions and of the Academic Senate.