University of California Commission on the Future Working Group Recommendations

The Davis Division of the Academic Senate has opened a Web forum for each Commission on the Future of UC working group so that we can have on-line discussions of the working group recommendations outlined on the Commission on the Future Web page. The UC Commission on the Future is organized into five working groups: Size and Shape, Education and Curriculum, Access and Affordability, Funding Strategies, and Research Strategies. The UC Commission on the Future is developing a vision for the future of the state's public research university – one that reaffirms UC's role in sustaining California's economic and cultural vitality, while recognizing that limited state funding will require creativity and new strategies to meet that mission.

Clearly, the final recommendations will have a profound impact on each of you as well as the entire campus. In addition, the Senate would like to begin to solicit your views on the impacts that the recommendations will have on departments and programs.

Below you will find links to the individual working group web forums. We invite you to submit your comments for each working group. A summary of the working group recommendations is available on the following web page:

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