Senate review of professional (400-level) courses

[Advice to the School of Medicine 3/2005]

Changes in professional (400-level) courses in the School of Medicine do not require Divisional Senate Review because the School of Medicine and Graduate Council have a memorandum of understanding with the Committee on Courses of Instruction in force.

[Note 5/7/2006: Under Standing Order of the Regents 105.2 the Davis Division Committee on Courses of Instruction has authority over all courses offered by professional schools that also offer undergraduate courses.  This includes all professional schools at Davis with the exception of the School of Law.  However, the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine have Memoranda of Understanding in force by which the Committee on Courses of Instruction has delegated approval of 400-level courses to the respective Faculties.  Similarly, there are MOU's with the School of Education regarding 300-level courses and with the Graduate School of Management with respect to 400-level courses open only to professional students.  (These MOU's are posted on the COCI web site.)  Senate authority over these courses may be delegated as long as there is mutual consent to do so.  However, this authority may not be relinquished permanently and COCI and the respective Faculties retain the authority to rescind these MOU's at any time.  See also advice offered in 2000-2001 regarding Senate authority over professional school curricula.]