Senate authority over professional school curricula

[Advice to Faculty of the School of Medicine (through Divisional Chair Jeffrey Gibeling) on 3/27/2001]

Regents' Standing Order 105.2 gives professional schools with no undergraduate courses control over their own curricula.  This has been previously interpreted to mean that, if any undergraduate courses are offered, even the graduate courses come under Senate authority.  The Medical School does have undergraduate courses on its books.  A previous ruling on its curricular authority concluded that its graduate courses are in fact subject to the authority of the Graduate Council (and its undergraduate courses to the Committee on Courses).  As we understand it, the Graduate Council has decided nonetheless to honor the Medical School's curricular judgements [on professional-level courses] without any independent review.  This is, however, a matter of the policy of the Graduate Council and not a right of the Medical School.  What is more, there is nothing in this arrangement that speaks to grading systems, which are separate matters from curricula.