Scholastic Good Standing and Athletics Eligibility

[Advice given to the Intercollegiate Athletics Task Force 3/30/2006]

The Academic Senate is the sole authority empowered to determine the meaning of phrases such as "good academic standing" for all students at the University.

However, the Senate has no authority to interpret NCAA Bylaws controlling the eligibility of student-athletes.  Athletics Director Greg Warzecka and Senior Associate Athletic Director Pamela Gill-Fisher have determined that NCAA Bylaw Interpretations do not require student-athletes to be in "good academic standing," notwithstanding the language to that effect in NCAA Operating Bylaws, 14.02.5, and  Given this determination, CERJ advised that the UC Davis definition of good academic standing (ASR 900-902 and DDR A552) is not relevant because this concept is not being employed in determining eligibility.