Irregularities in elections for the Committee on Committees

[Advice to Divisional Chair Dan Simmons 4/2005]

DDB 39 requires the election of three members of the Divisional Committee on Committees each year, each to serve a three year term; and that in the case of a vacancy an election must be held to select a member who will serve the remainder of the vacant term.  Due to some confusion involved in replacing a resigning member in 2001, in 2003 four members mistakenly were elected for three year terms.  That resulted in a situation in which COC elections will be locked permanently into four-three-two member annual elections and, therefore, will be out of compliance two years in every three.  CERJ advised that in order to comply with the Bylaws, in 2006 three members should be elected to three year terms and a fourth member elected for a two year term.  DDB 16 provides that the member elected for the shorter term shall be the candidate receiving the fourth largest number of votes.