CAP's Criteria For Advancements Without Further Review

CAP does not have a policy concerning future advancement without further review (in lieu of acceleration), beyond noting that such advancements are rare and generally recommended reluctantly. CAP acknowledges the common-sense notion that a faculty member who is judged eligible for advancement a year hence, based on the present record, might well be considered eligible for advancement at once. However, in cases where a majority of CAP does not find a record supportive of acceleration, the minority that supports the acceleration can sometimes persuade the majority to recommend normal advancement one year hence without further review. Advancement a year hence without further review gives a slight acceleration in any case, since the line is drawn immediately below the publications considered during the current review period. All subsequent publications are considered in the next personnel review. In such cases, a faculty member may continue to accumulate research publication records that will support acceleration in the future.

REVISED: 3/25/98