Announcements on Athletics

Approved by Executive Council on November 3, 2011


The Representative Assembly passed a motion on October 24, 2011: "Direct Executive Council to form a task force to review the issues concerning intercollegiate athletics using the UC Davis Athletic Strategic Audit 2011 as well as eight points provided by Professor Owens in his presentation to the Assembly."


Intercollegiate athletics at UC Davis follows an "educational model" based on the "Eight Principles" formalized in 2003 during the transition to Division I. The UC Davis Athletics Strategic Audit of 2011 evaluates that model in comparison to the "business model" more common in Division I. Release of the Audit initiated campus deliberation on the future vision for intercollegiate athletics at UC Davis. To inform the adoption of a Davis Division of the Academic Senate position on the issues under discussion, the Special Committee will review the UC Davis Athletics Strategic Audit as well as the attached eight points of concern provided by Associate Professor John Owens and other information as needed including input from the standing committees of the Davis Division. The Special Committee is asked to provide a report with its recommendations and observations to the Executive Council by: February 1, 2012.


Final Report

Intercollegiate Athletics at UC Davis: a student-centered, academically focused program - Report of the Academic Senate Special Committee on Athletics

Chancellor's Response - July 19, 2012