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Davis Division Post-Employment Benefits Executive Council Resolution

The UC Academic Senate has asked each Division to review and comment concerning the Post-Employment Benefits Task Force Recommendations. The Executive Council met on Friday, October 15, 2010, and approved the following amended resolution from the Committee on Faculty Welfare:

  1. The Davis Division strongly opposes Options A and B, on the grounds that they are uncompetitive across essentially all employee groups.
  2. If current employees are offered the choice to continue under the current UCRP plan terms for their future service, the Davis Division strongly opposes requiring an employee contribution in excess of 7 percent for those who choose to remain under the current plan terms. Moreover, the Davis Division opposes any increase in employee contributions from current levels without offsetting salary increases for faculty and staff, to avoid any reduction in total remuneration relative to current uncompetitive levels.
  3. The Davis Division supports any new-tier defined benefit pension plan which is at least competitive in benefits with Option C and that, in combination with salary increases, provides for competitive total remuneration for employees hired into the new-tier plan and also for current employees who elect to move to the new plan.

In our efforts to achieve the broadest possible consultation before the Davis Division’s recommendation is communicated to the Academic Council on October 27, 2010, we ask for your feedback on this resolution as well as any other thoughts you may have concerning this matter.

Additional detailed information is available on the Future of UC Retirement Benefits website: and the Davis Division home page:

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