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Post Employment Benefits Discussion

As many of us are aware the University is struggling with managing a large unfunded liability in the retirement system. In March 2009, President Yudof appointed a Task Force on Post Employment Benefits. Its report was recently released to the UC community via at the Future of UC Retirement Benefits website:

The myriad of web links provided on the UC site have been summarized on the UC Academic Senate and Davis Division home page:

The Academic Senate has been asked to respond to the Task Force’s recommendations. The Davis Division must report to the UC Academic Senate by mid-November. Starting next week, the Divisional Committees will be asked to deliberate. More broadly, the Davis Division has opened a Web forum to allow immediate input to advise its leadership. In addition, the first Representative Assembly meeting will be held November 1, 2010, ARC Ballroom, 2:10-4:00 PM. We have invited the Chair and Vice Chair of the UC Academic Senate and may add others to speak with participants as the Davis Division prepares to finalize its position.

Please note: Opinions expressed on this forum are public. We have provided the option to post anonymously.

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