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Furlough/Pay Cut Options and Budget Reduction Impacts

The Davis Division of the Academic Senate has opened a Web forum so that we can have an on-line discussion of the options outlined in President Yudof’s letter. Clearly, whatever choice is made, there will be a profound impact on each of you and as well as the entire campus. In addition, the Senate would like to begin to solicit your views on the impacts that the anticipated budget reductions will have on departments and programs. We invite you to submit your comments for posting. We are requiring a UC Davis (aka: Kerberos) ID and password to ensure comments are received from the Davis campus community.

President Yudof forwarded an update regarding proposed furloughs/salary reductions on June 30, 2009

The systemwide University Committee on Faculty Welfare (UCFW) has drafted a response to the Furlough/salary reduction plans outlined by UC President Yudof. The draft was provided by the Davis Division representative to UCFW, Lisa Tell. Please click here to view the drafted response.

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