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83. Library
A. This committee shall consist of fifteen (15) voting members including the following: one member from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; one member from the College of Biological Sciences; one member from the College of Engineering; three members from the College of Letters and Science, with one member from each of the College's three divisions; one member from the Graduate School of Management; one member from the School of Law; one member from the School of Education; one member from the School of Medicine; one member from the School of Nursing; one member from the School of Veterinary Medicine; two standing members appointed by the Committee on Committees, to serve as Chair and Vice Chair; the University Librarian of the Davis campus ex-officio. In addition, this committee shall include three (3) non-voting representatives, one representative from the Davis Academic Federation, one graduate student representative, and one undergraduate student representative. (Am. 3/16/92; 10/20/97) (Am. 9/1/2017)
B. The committee shall advise the Chancellor or the Chancellor's designee on the administration of the Library and issues related to scholarly communication. The Committee shall also advise the University Librarian on issues pertaining to print, electronic, and other collections, to changing patterns of faculty and student use of the library, to removal and storage of physical library holdings, and to space and other demands. The committee shall report at least once a year to the Representative Assembly. (Am. 6/10/93; effective 1/1/94) (Am. 9/1/2017)