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Fall Quarter 2017-2018

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64. International Education (Am. 9/1/2010)
A. This committee shall consist of seven regular members, one undergraduate student representative, one graduate student representative, and one Academic Federation representative. The seven regular members shall include at least one Senate member from each Division of the College of Letters and Science and at least one Senate member from each of the Colleges of Biological Sciences, Engineering, and Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The Committee shall include as an ex officio member the campus representative to the University Committee on International Education, unless that individual is already a regular member of the committee. In addition, the committee shall include as ex officio members when also members of the Senate, and as representatives when not, the Directors of the Education Abroad Program, the Quarter Abroad Program, the Summer Abroad Program, and Services for International Students and Scholars. (Am. 1/27/81; 6/10/86; 6/8/98; 2/5/07) (Am. 9/1/2010)
B. The committee shall have the following duties:
1. To represent the Davis Division in all matters connected with the Education Abroad Program.
2. To represent the Davis Division in all aspects of international education, exchange, and internships.
3. To initiate and assist in the formulation of policies and programs that affect international education, and that service to integrate it into campus academic programs.
4. To designate approved Education Abroad Program Courses for General Education credit. (En. 12/15/1967)
5. To provide academic approval and periodic review of the Campus Reciprocal Exchange Program. (En. 2/7/2007)