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Summer Quarter 2017-2018

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38. Membership (effec 9/1/2000)
    The committee shall consist of the Chief Campus Officer of the Davis campus non-voting ex officio and nine members to be elected by the Division.
39. Election and Term of Office
The nine elected members of the committee shall be chosen in the following manner:
A. Three members shall be elected each year to serve for three years. Replacement members shall be elected to complete any unfilled term as may be necessary. (Am. 12/15/1967, 2/24/2009)
B. Each of the following Faculties, divisions of Faculties, or groups of Faculties (“constituent groups”) shall be represented by one member: (a) College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, (b) College of Biological Sciences, (c) College of Engineering, (d) School of Veterinary Medicine, (e) School of Medicine, (f) College of Letters and Science: Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, (g) College of Letters and Science: Mathematical and Physical Sciences, (h) College of Letters and Science: Social Sciences, (i) All other Schools and Colleges of the Division. (En. 2/24/2009)
C. Election shall be by ballot in accordance with Bylaw 16. The election shall be initiated by the Secretary during the first week in Spring Quarter each year. Each ballot shall contain at least three slates of nominees and any slates needed for the completion of unfulfilled terms, including one for each of three constituent groups specified in the previous section. It is the responsibility of the Committee on Committees to determine which of the constituent groups will require new members. All nominations shall specify the slate on which the nominee would be a candidate, and the nominee must be a member of the constituent group for that slate. All voters may cast one vote for one nominee on each of as many slates as are on the ballot. Voting on each slate shall be considered a separate election, and the nominee receiving a plurality of votes on his or her slate shall be declared elected. (En. 6/6/00; effective 9/1/00; Am. 6/5/01, 6/7/07, 2/24/09)
40. Powers and Responsibilities
A. The Committee on Committees shall elect its own chair and secretary and make its own rules of procedure, not inconsistent with the Bylaws and Regulations of the Senate and the Davis Division. The retiring Committee on Committees shall delegate one of its holdover members to call the new Committee on Committees together for the first meeting. The new committee shall fill vacancies in its own membership and may determine when such vacancies have occurred. A member appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve only until the next regular election of members of the committee. (Am. 2/24/2009)
B. The Committee on Committees shall ascertain who are the members ex officio of standing committees and who are the members and chairs of standing committees not subject to appointment by the Committee on Committees and shall report these names to the Representative Assembly. (Am. 10/19/71, effective 12/21/71)
C. Members of the Committee on Committees shall be eligible to serve as officers of the Division; and as members, chairs, or vice chairs of other Divisional committees. (Am. 10/20/97)
D. The Committee on Committees shall have the power to receive and act upon resignations and to make appointments to fill vacancies in the standing committees of the Davis Division that may occur because of resignation, prolonged illness or disability, or dismissal for cause, according to Davis Division Bylaw 16.5. It shall report such appointments for confirmation at the next regular meeting of the Representative Assembly and, unless objection is made and an election called for by a majority vote of those present, the appointments shall stand. A person appointed to fill a vacancy shall take office at once and serve for the full remaining term, unless his or her appointment has been rejected by the Representative Assembly. (Am. 10/19/71, effective 12/21/71; Am. 10/20/97; Am. 06/01/06)
E. Unless otherwise specifically provided in the Bylaws of the Academic Senate or of the Davis Division, the Committee on Committees shall designate members of the Davis Division to serve on the standing committees of the University Academic Senate. (Am. 10/20/97)
F. The Committee on Committees, or at its discretion a committee appointed by it, shall serve as a properly constituted conference body of the Davis Division to consult with the President of the University or his or her representative concerning the appointment of deans and directors.
G. The Committee on Committees shall consult in confidence with other committees, appointing bodies, or officers on the Davis Campus and throughout the University to the end that the committee assignments of any individual shall not be too burdensome.
H. The Committee on Committees shall call for nominees and volunteers from the Faculty to fill vacant positions on committees it appoints, but shall not be obligated to accept any such nominees and volunteers. No one shall be appointed to any office or committee without his or her consent. (En. 6/3/69)
I. The Committee on Committees shall replace any officer of the Davis Division who dies, resigns, or is unable to perform assigned duties for a prolonged period. In the event of disability, the need for replacement shall be determined by the Executive Council. A replacement shall serve the remaining term of the original appointee. A vacant office shall be filled no later than the beginning of the second full academic term after a vacancy occurs. Selection may be made among all members of the Academic Senate, including existing officers, but no person may serve in more than one divisional office simultaneously. If a serving officer is selected to fill a vacancy, the Committee shall select a replacement for the vacancy created. In making replacement selections the Committee shall consult in confidence with other committees, appointing bodies, and officers of the Davis Division. (En. 2/23/99)