Committee on Elections, Rules and Jurisdiction

The Committee on Elections, Rules and Jurisdiction (CERJ) provides informal Advice and issues formal Legislative Rulings interpreting Senate legislation when questions or conflicts arise; it reviews all proposed changes to Senate legislation; and it supervises the elections of the Division.  For more detail see the Committee's charge.

Archive of CERJ Advice

Most of the work of the Committee involves advising Senate officers, Senate committees, and individual members when questions or conflicts arise.  Such advice is not formally binding but suggests the likely outcome should a formal Legislative Ruling be requested.  The archive of advice linked here provides answers to many frequently asked questions.

Click here [PDF] for a flowchart on the CAP Appeal and Reconsideration process.

Legislative Rulings

CERJ also issues formal Legislative Rulings to resolve disputes or clear up ambiguities in the Code of the Senate regarding Senate authority, procedures, or jurisdiction.  Legislative Rulings are binding unless modified by subsequent legislative or Regental action.

The Code of the Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is governed by the Code of the Academic Senate, which comprises (1) the Standing Orders of the Regents; (2) systemwide bylaws, regulations, and legislative rulings; (3) Davis Division bylaws, regulations, and legislative rulings; and (4) college and school bylaws and regulations.

Procedures for Amending Divisional Legislation

This outlines the process for drafting, reviewing, and passing amendments to Davis Division Bylaws and Regulations.

CERJ 2011-12 Legislative Summary

CERJ Annual Reports

Report on COC Nominations 2012

Report on COC Nominations 2009

Fall Quarter 2017-2018

Upcoming Meetings

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71. Elections, Rules and Jurisdiction
A. This committee shall consist of three members.
B. The committee shall have the following responsibilities:
1. To prepare and report for action by the Representative Assembly such changes and additions to the Bylaws and Regulations as it may deem advisable; to submit to any Faculty of the Davis Division such changes and additions to their Bylaws and Regulations as it may deem advisable. The committee is authorized to make editorial and conforming non-substantive changes in Bylaws and Regulations with regard to numbering, headings, cross-references, organizational titles, details of style, changes in name or title, and similar items. It shall report such changes to the organization directly concerned. (Am. 6/3/2011)
2. To review all changes in Bylaws and Regulations submitted to the Representative Assembly or to a Faculty of the Davis Division by other committees or by individuals to verify and ensure conformity of such proposed legislation with the format and content of the Code of the Academic Senate. The committee or individual responsible for any legislation found not compatible with the Code of the Academic Senate is to be informed of the section(s) of the Code with which the proposed legislation is in conflict.
3. To edit and publish, at such intervals as it may deem expedient, the Manual of the Academic Senate, Davis Division.
4. To advise the Chair of the Division as to whether proposed legislation is solely of Divisional concern.
5. To advise the Division, its officers, committees, faculties, and members in all matters of organization, jurisdiction and interpretation of legislation of the Academic Senate and its agencies.
6. To issue, upon a formal request from a member of the Division, legislative rulings interpreting the Code of the Davis Division of the Academic Senate. Such rulings shall remain in effect until modified by legislative or Regental action. Rulings of the committee in these matters must be published in the Call for the first regular Division meeting next following the committee's decision, and all rulings of the Committee on Elections, Rules and Jurisdiction not superseded by legislative or Regental action shall appear in an appendix of the Divisional Manual. (Am. 10/20/97)
7. To advise the Registrar regarding disposition of his or her responsibilities in administering the Regulations of the Academic Senate and its agencies. (Am. 10/19/71; 11/17/75)
8. To supervise, in accordance with such rules as the Davis Division may determine, all elections of the Division. The committee shall also supervise the voting on propositions submitted to the Davis Division by ballot. In the exercise of this function, the committee may engage the assistance of the Secretary of the Division and such tellers, as the committee deems necessary. (Am. 6/7/83, 6/7/07)