The Code of the Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is governed by the Code of the Academic Senate, which comprises the following:

Systemwide: The Manual of the Academic Senate

At the Davis Campus: The Manual of the Davis Division

At the Schools and Colleges: Bylaws and Regulations

What is the purpose of all of these documents?

The Standing Orders of the Regents define the membership and authority of the Academic Senate, setting up the system of shared governance under which the responsibility for the management of the University is shared between the Academic Senate and the Administration. UC is unique among American colleges and universities in the degree of responsibility specifically delegated by the Board of Regents to the Academic Senate.

  • Legislation -- which includes both bylaws and regulations -- is issued at the Senate's systemwide, campus ("Division"), and school/college levels.
  • Bylaws set up the jurisdiction, structure, and operating rules of the Senate at each level. 
  • Regulations define student admission, scholarship and degree requirements.
  • Legislative Rulings resolve disputes or clear up ambiguities in the above.

The Academic Personnel Manual describes faculty rights and responsibilities as well as important administrative procedures affecting the faculty.  It is an Administration rather than a Senate document.  However, the Administration routinely consults with the Senate regarding revisions to the APM.