CERJ Advice

The archive of Advice which follows provides the answers to many frequently asked questions.

In most cases CERJ provides Advice rather than issuing formal Legislative Rulings to resolve questions or conflicts.  Unlike Legislative Rulings, such Advice

does not have the status of legislation and is therefore not formally binding on the Senate officers and agencies to whom rendered.  The advice, opinions, and findings ... should nevertheless be considered authoritative in the sense in which that term is defined in Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary-- 'entitled to obedience, credit or acceptance.' ... In addition, they suggest the likely outcome should...a Legislative Ruling be requested on the issues involved.  [Systemwide Legislative Ruling 12.93B]

Abbreviations used throughout this site are:

  • SOR = Standing Order of the Regents;
  • ASB = Systemwide Academic Senate Bylaw;
  • ASR = Systemwide Academic Senate Regulation;
  • DDB = Davis Division Bylaw;
  • DDR = Davis Division Regulation.

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