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If you have questions on how to use ASIS, or are interested in using ASIS to support your committee's operations, please contact Kyle Gayman at

If you experience technical errors when using ASIS, please email your issue to

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Welcome to the ASIS Help Center! This site is catered for users responsible for committee operations in ASIS (such as scheduling meetings, posting whiteboard items, administering ballots, etc.).

Since August 2017, the Academic Senate office has been launching upgrades to ASIS to improve its reliability, efficiency, and overall user experience. Several processes have been simplified, such as posting/editing whiteboard topics, posting comments, and uploading files. Soon, new design elements/branding for ASIS as a whole (primarily colors and fonts) will be launched.

New Features  

  • Flagging: You can now flag a whiteboard topic to pull it to the top of the whiteboard list.
  • Versioning: You can now upload multiple versions of a document that a committee is working on, such that members' comments are tied to each respective version.

You can browse tutorials for these new features in the left hand column. We will continue to add tutorials as necessary.