About the Senate


The Davis Division of the Academic Senate is the mechanism through which UC Davis faculty share the responsibility of governing the University alongside the Administration. Senate authority is delegated by the University's governing body, the Board of the Regents.  The Davis Division of the Academic Senate is comprised of Standing Senate Committees with individual charges that outline the authority and scope each committee will influence and regulate.

Generally, committees manage awards to Senate faculty; oversees admissions guidelines, academic standards, and graduation requirements; consult with and advise the UC Davis administration on faculty appointments, promotions, and budgets; and advises the UC Systemwide governing bodies on issues that affect all ten University of California campuses. Occasionally task forces and special committees are formed to address an issue that does not fit within the charge of a single committee and/or involves intensive work beyond the workload constraints of a standing committee.

Senate actions affect the entire campus, especially faculty, students, and future students. On this website, faculty will find information on senate elections and volunteering for committee service, awards and grants, numerous faculty guides, policies, and other resources, as well as an archived history of Senate actions. Current students can find committees that require student representatives, and up-to-date news on Online Education, University budget issues that affect tuition and other costs, as well as other general resources.

Representative Assembly

Davis Division Representative Assembly meetings are held four times each year. All faculty and Davis community members are invited to attend. However, only elected representatives may vote on action items. The Chancellor gives a State of the Campus address at each winter quarter meeting. Visit the Representative Assembly page for a history of meetings.

Systemwide Senate

There is a Systemwide Academic Senate Assembly, which represents the faculty in the governance of UC, as well as an Academic Council, which is the administrative arm of the Assembly of the Academic Senate, and meets once a month. These systemwide groups are comprised of representatives from all 10 campuses. 

How to Navigate the Website

Committee pages include Standing Committees and Special Committees. You can use the Search feature to search for specific committee information from one or multiple committees.

Consultation Requests are current and archived official Davis Division responses to proposals that affect the Davis campus to issues that affect Systemwide governance. These proposals include everything from requests to amend legislation to requests for Senate input on budget issues. Occasionally, the Senate has authority to approve or disapprove of a proposal, and other times it offers wisdom and advice.  Use the Consultation Request section to search an archive of these official requests and responses.

ASIS is the Academic Senate Information System that allows faculty to vote on important issues, read and respond to Requests for Consultation, and to volunteer for committee service.

Divisional Resources includes faculty resources for bylaws and regulations, faculty guides, policies and procedures. This section helps faculty to stay informed on the Senate and on the latest advice for navigating faculty responsibilities.

Interact includes forums and listserve information. This is the facuclty's way to get updates on current issues that affect the senate and to submit responses to forum posts.